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Short, Again & Sides: Columns From The Whitstable Instances

Vogue and sweetness
Short, Again Whitstable Views
Cash was sucked from the actual economy with a purpose to shore up the banks. Many businesses went under and the austerity narrative started to drive the political agenda. Comments are usually not for promoting your articles or other websites.

sendingMiss Married 6 years ago

Lace Frontal Closure 13x4 Free Part Deep Curly Virgin Inidan Weave Natural Black

Just my sort of man – lol

I forgot to say that I am a transvestite. So if you can think about Boris Karloff within the Mummy in a pink tutu. With make-up.

Good make-up job then – lol
No offence taken. I used to be just joking too. I am nothing like Charles Laughton or Captain Beefheart. I’m truly extra like Boris Karloff within the Mummy.

True, I do like your writing, in any other case I would not follow you. This is not a courting service. You being simple on the eyes is simply an additional. If my try at humor offended you, I apologize.

I look more like Captain Beefheart within the cowl photo for Trout Mask Replica, above. Anyway, you’re not presupposed to be fascinated by my appears to be like, you are alleged to be curious about my writing capability. The photograph is a bit flattering. I am more mundane in real life.

I do not believe that for a second. I look extra like Charles Laughton than you do.
AuthorCJStone 6 years in the past from Whitstable, UK

It’s a flattering photo Miss Married. Really wig for ladies I look extra like Charles Laughton within the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Miss Married 6 years ago
I think it’s because he’s so darn cute sizzling dorkage. Hmmm, are all of his followers girls lol

marisuewrites 9 years in the past from USA
It is such a hairy topic…

I believe hair is for..umm..vanity Individuals certain seem to fret over it.me included – tho now it’s shake and go..I had a girlfriend (only a few years in the past) who couldn’t stop stroking her hair, a nervous habit that drove me nuts. Stroke it, run her fingers over, twist it, run her fingers via it, I don’t know the way she got something completed, it was constant. I gradually stopped hanging around her – I did not know how to tell her to stop..I suppose I may’ve simply stated “stop” but I was embarassed for her — it was easier to only fade away. LOL

Some friend I’m ..hhaahha a “furry” friend ( guess I should have been glad she wasn’t doing it to my hair ahahhaha)

I dunno sizzling dorkage, however this wasn’t a particularly profitable hub, only abour a hundred hits or so. Maybe folks just like to join in with the enjoyable

sizzling dorkage 9 years ago from Oregon, USA
How come I by no means get comment chains like this, CJ Tell me your secret!

Dave: to suppose, all that bold revolutionary rhetoric just because we had been a complete era traumatised by bad haircuts.

dave one 9 years ago
chris, jogs my memory of Julian Barnes short stories ” A History of Hairdressing”, assume it is in the Lemon Tree, but I am unable to remember. Very humorous.

I had that bit that caught up on high too. The hairdresser got quite nasty after i once requested him if he may one way or the other do one thing to stop it happening.

Jonno what does “ftw” imply
Jonno.Norton 9 years ago

CSNY ftw
LOL..well, at least meaning they’re clean. They do not really look it.

Shirley, the key is cleaning soap. When a punk’s hair is doused in cleaning soap it may be made to do all of these unnatural things, however then, when it’s washed, it just turns into normal hair once more, so you can go to mattress without fearing the lack of a watch.

C.J. you’ve taken the query of hair’s function to a brand new degree for me. I would not actually put that a lot thought into it before.

I’ve wondered though, how punkers are in a position to lay their heads down with out gouging some physique half or other. If I ever meet one, I am going to ask. Meantime, I am going to assume they do not sleep or have intimate relations. Yeah, that’s in all probability it.

Very effectively performed, C.J. Oh, and thx for doing the considering for me.
Are you a pun-sioner Amanda Or was this your normal punditry

I agree about the top protecting aspect to hair, budwood, but you’d have thought, what with all the hats and rooves we now have these days, we would have outgrown it by now.

Amanda Severn 9 years in the past from UK
Undoubtedly an Americanism. Good hub CJ. I believed I used to be in for a hair-elevating expertise, one that will make my hair curl, or at least one that will put hairs on my chest. However instead, it was your standard good straightforward-studying fashion, nothing too fringe-y, nothing to up-braid you for!

budwood 9 years ago from Southern Nevada
Being somewhat practical, it seems to me that hair is to maintain one’s brain from being fried in the hot sun. However, with the invention of hats and roofs, perhaps hair is no longer needed.

It’s clearly an Americanism.
Nice hub. I really like the historical past of hair ๐Ÿ™‚

Nicely, for me “hair pie” was so clearly a reference to, well, the obvious reference that I didn’t assume it wanted additional comment. I’m going to be very amused if CJ really didn’t know.

Patty, the reference to Demos suggesting that they could seek the advice of hairdressers i making urban coverage is totally true, and it just shows how crazy some of these think-tanks can get.

robie2, I sit up for finding out why form of strange traffic the title brings.
Bob, I’ve put in a link to your hub.

Hairdressers making urban policy On Tv I think.
Roberta Kyle 9 years ago from Central New Jersey

Nevermind about the obscene title, CJ– consider the site visitors it will deliver–and possibly even siome intersting google adverts ๐Ÿ™‚ Lovely rumination on the hair matter–artistic, orginial and soooooo well written–as standard. Thumbs up!

Well hell CJ..now you inform me!! But..in my defense, she had a lisp and I could not hear her over the blow dryer. It was worse than discussing current novels I was reading with my dentist.

Hi Bob, I was going to say your hub too. Hippies go skinhead. And to suppose that at one time skinheads used to go spherical beating hippies up, a minimum of they did within the UK.

Actually spryte the hairdresser is there to speak to not to cut your hair. Didn’t you understand that/ That and the nice smelling gloop.

Yes, sorry about the title everybody. It is all Captain Beefhearts fault. Now I come to think about it, definitely brings an obscene image to thoughts. Maybe I should put the Beefheart monitor in to make it clear.

Sure I modified the photograph right here and at my webpage until I can get one thing up that looks more skilled than me in my pajamas with the canine. The picture up for now’s me at age 2, which is nearer to how I am feeling these days anyway–I am either having a tantrum or sucking my thumb.

Steve Andrews 9 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal
I have Troutmask Replica right here, Chris, so thought it was going to make mention of it! I like the David Crosby music because he says he “had the flu for Xmas” and it “will increase his paranoia” and I’ve skilled that! lol

I am unable to remember after i last went to a hairdresser! I can remember an enchancment to the short back and sides was with a “Boston on the again!”

Yup..the title had me fooled too ๐Ÿ™‚ But it was an amazing hub and i enjoyed reading it.
I have a difficulty with hairdressers although. Why do they always need to model it in a approach that you’re going to never be able to duplicate your self Ultimately I stopped letting them brush and blow dry my hair..more than pleased to call it quits after a reduce and some of that nice smelling stuff they goop into your hair.

To my shock, after several such visits, one hairdresser really complained to me that she felt a bit..used. In spite of everything her arduous work, I wasn’t permitting her to have any fun wielding a blow dryer, curling iron and hair spray.

Bob Ewing 9 years in the past from New Brunswick
A enjoyable learn, a hair tale.

AuthorCJStone 9 years in the past from Whitstable, UK
Is the title obscene I received it from a Captain Beefheart tune, Hair Pie Bake 2 from Trout Mask Replica, which I used to be going to include as a part of this hub, then realised it was too obscure, so you bought Crosby Stills Nash and Young instead. I hope you all listened to it!

So are you a skinhead then shadesbreath
Good luck with the interview Pam. Mind you you seem to be getting younger by the minute, judging by the image.

pgrundy 9 years ago
I used to say, “Make me look like Stevie Nicks!” and that by no means labored either, so now I simply say, “Oh reduce it all off, lower it brief.” I let it go grey these previous few months–did not notice how gray I was, and now I’m pondering of slopping coloration on it again just so I will look youthful if I get any extra interviews. I despatched off for a reporter job as we speak–keep your fingers crossed for me. If they name I will shade it some rattling shade or the other and put on a swimsuit. That is how unhealthy I want a brand new job. Enjoyable hub, Chris. You do after all notice that the title is quite obscene (I can not believe Shadesbreath let that move without a rowdy comment! You are slipping SB!)

Shadesbreath 9 years ago from California
Keratin lined in scales That makes it sound like a carrot eating fish or something. It ought to style good if that was the case, or no less than scent good when cooking, nevertheless it would not. Ever odor burning hair

Anyway, I’m with you on that “How would you like it ” query they ask. I imply, I don’t have half the hair you do, so, yeah, I am going in and they ask me that and i at all times laugh. I typically point at one of many GQ looking guys on a poster on their wall someplace and say, “Make me look like him.” They all the time laugh then get out the damn shears and run that half-cap right down to the pores and skin again.

Thanks for discovering the that means of it all although, I assume even my paltry locks do keep them in enterprise. Glad I can do my half. (Good work ๐Ÿ™‚

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