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We Took Her To The Pediatrician

Signs of Trichotillomania in Young Kids – Look for Bald Spots and Broken Hair from Baby Twirling Hair
Up to date on January 1, 2012 Paul Edmondson moreContact Author Pictures of hair twirling, pulling hair out, and bald spots on kids
Our daughter is pulling her hair out
Our two year old daughter is pulling her hair out or breaking her hair off which causes bald spots. This may be a disorder called tichotillomania.At night she sucks her thumb and twirls her hair round her finger to soothe herself. She does it when she’s tired and when she wants to go to sleep.

Whereas we weren’t concerned about the thumb sucking, the damage that she is doing to her hair has brought on us a bit of concern. We tried putting mits on her hand, but she pulled those off. One of the best ways we have found to prevent her from damaging her hair and creating large bald spots is by putting a hat on her at night. See the picture of her sleeping along with her hat. This prevents her from twirling her hair while she sleeps.

We took her to the pediatrician, and they said it wasn’t that unusual in younger youngsters to twirl their hair around their finger. Most youngsters will develop out of it, especially if they are young when they start. This is where we learned where can i get good hair extensions a bit concerning the disorder of pulling hair out.

As our daughter twirls her hair round her finger, often, her finger will get stuck. Once it is caught, that is the place she pulls and breaks the hair. The twirling can even trigger knots in her hair that may get caught and turn into wrapped round her finger. This causes her finger to get stuck. Sometimes, the hair is wrapped so tightly round her finger tip it turns blue. When this happens at evening, she normally begins crying and requires us to get her finger out of her hair. Normally, we will pull her hair over the finger and get it out, however I can see it getting so tight that we’ll have to use scissors to get her finger out of her hair.

We have talked to her a bit about pulling her hair out and have proven her the bald spot. She has a vanity streak, so we are able to see her eager to cease in order that her hair seems fairly. As a mum or dad, that is one thing we will continue to observe. I should notice, that we have been advised that in case your daughter twirls her hair, chews on it, or does different issues with it, it doesn’t suggest that they’ve tichotillomania, though, these behaviors are related to the disorder.

You probably have concern on your kids, take them to the physician for a analysis.
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sendingAuthorPaul Edmondson 7 years in the past from Burlingame, CA
We began placing unhealthy tasting stuff on my daughters thumb to get her to cease sucking it. One of many interesting side effects is that she has stopped twirling her hair when she does not suck her thumb. We stopped placing the stuff on her thumb and she began sucking it once more and at the identical time she began twirling her hair once more and damaging it. For our daughter hair twirling and thumb sucking appear to be extremely linked.

Paul, Often children do appear to outgrow dangerous habits however I can perceive your concern. The hat looks as if a good suggestion. I do know I could be involved additionally however I’ve seen many youngsters do these things. The vanity streak would be the thing that saves the day. I positive hope it resolves rapidly.

[email protected] eight years in the past
My granddaugther did this additionally. She was a twin and her different sister didn’t do that. The Social Servives said it was stress. Her mom was a drug addict. I personally believe it’s a learned behaviour and just reminding her to not she soon stopped.

Thank you fro sharing you anxiety. I tis amaing what can happen with kids. Wish you all the most effective.

The weird thing is that our different daughter does have a small bald spot about a half inch in diameter that she acquired as a young child about the same age but from a totally different reason. But she has enough hair that it gets coated up and no one can see it.

AuthorPaul Edmondson eight years in the past from Burlingame, CA
@lakeerieartists – It’s good to know that they haven’t got permanent bald spots.

Paula Atwell 8 years ago from Cleveland, OH
Paul, that is concerning. Hopefully, it’s a behavior as a substitute. My daughter used to suck her thumb and twirl her hair round her finger at that age too, however she grew out of both, and has tons of hair now.

cblack eight years in the past from a seashore someplace
Malaysian Virgin Remy Hair Extensions Loose Wave Hair 3 Bundles 12-32 inch 300g Natural Black Factory Price On SaleI’m sorry to listen to this about your daughter Paul and i hope she will get higher quickly. I myself used to chew on my hair rather a lot when I was in center and highschool. I think it was just a nervous tick of mine and once your start doing it, it is just sort of addictive like biting your nails. I grew out of it after a number of years although. Better of luck to you and your loved ones.

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