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How About Within the Automotive

As it is the beginnings of spring now, and where I live that means a lot of rain showers and windy days. While these are each good for growing things and flying kites (my children really like this weather), it is laborious on your lovely hairstyles. How annoying is it to find a fantastic option to set your hair and plaster it with hairspray so each strand seems excellent solely to stroll to your automobile and have it blown in all places This just happened to me. Yesterday the wind was blowing so hard I couldn’t go from my house to my automobile by a parking lot with out my hair trying loopy afterwards. In the present day, it was just a little windy and kind of that misty sprinkly rain happening.

This is something I’ve been thinking increasingly more about, and as I often do, I’ve looked to my grandmothers and the women of the previous to how they solved this problem.

Well, one solution is scarves. Why did we give up carrying scarves to protect our hair And how do you put on one with type and with out wanting like you are a follower of a certain religion (Until of course you do wear one for religious purposes.)

I suppose we quit carrying scarves on our heads for the same reasons we give up carrying hats and girdles and stockings and lots of different objects that was once an integral a part of ladies’s wardrobes, but now’s seen as ridiculous. However hey, they won’t think it’s so ridiculous when your hair appears great after walking by a parking lot or even a park in the wind.

An exquisite scarf tied over one’s hair just seems like the perfect springtime accessory to protect your hairstyle and to add beauty and glamour to any outfit.

The above picture is how I need to look after i put on a scarf to protect my hair from the wind (except I would be sporting a top, lol). But..

…my fear is that I will end up trying like this! No offense to her majesty, and I’m certain her hair appeared great due to the scarf. She wears them rather a lot, and being that she’s queen and has more choices than I do for retaining her hairstyle looking great, perhaps she’s wiser than I give her credit for being.

Also, when do you take off the scarf If I will the grocery store, do I take it off as quickly as I enter How about within the automobile I do not drive a convertible, so ought to I tie one one after I arrive Additionally, how do I tie it so it does not flatten and spoil the hairstyle I was attempting to protect Will it keep out a number of the dampness and humidity so my hair isn’t so frizzy

There’s a lot to consider! But very first thing’s first, I must spend money on some stunning vintage scarves. I’ve a chiffon black small scarf, however that is just about it, so scarves are going to be something I’ll be looking out for.

Would you consider wearing a head scarf like this Do you think it could make a difference on windy or wet days

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