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It is All About Wig Making: Ventilation


Get a large piece of tulle or wig net as an alternative of lace, a ventilating needle & holder and some hair. Pin a bit of the tulle or wig net to your block SECURELY. Ricky doesn’t have his pinned very securely, but then he is an expert so he can get away with this, however if you are learning and your tulle/internet is flapping, it makes it simply that bit harder as you don’t know – at this stage – find out how to compensate for it.
Apply catching one hair in the needle. It is much simpler to learn to ventilate if you happen to focus on one hair.
It’s all in regards to the tension! – The way that a knot is formed depends very closely on the wig maker having the proper tensions between the hair that is held in a loop in one hand and the needle that has caught the hair and is pulling it by in the other hand.. if the tension on the needle is just not strong enough, you will battle and find yourself losing the hair out of the needle.
Don’t pull a lot! If you pull the hair strand hooked on the needle too far away from the loop in your different hand you will wrestle to take care of the correct tension. Keep it small and neat. You want enough hair pulled by but not a lot that it becomes free and falls off the hook.

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