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Dyeing Pretend Fur

Pretend fur, mine is white. Purchased it a number of years back in Chinatown, just to line a collar, so you may see the extreme wastage of fur I have.

#1B/Purple Ombre Hair Closure 1pcs With Brazilian Hair Weave 3pcs Body Wavy2. Acrylic ink of the color of selection, if you cannot find the precise color you want, simply get the primary to combine the color

3. Ethanol or rubbing alcohol. Now being a practising artist, I’ve precise ethanol in my possession from Straights Industrial at North Bridge Highway, Bugis space behind the Nationwide Library. Nonetheless, I extremely doubt that almost all others who will use this tutorial will actually need such a amount, so rubbing alcohol from Guardian or Watsons at SGD 5 one thing or so a bottle can be superb.

4. A storage for hair accessories spray bottler
5. Newspaper

6. Metal toothed hair brush
As you possibly can from the listing of supplies, the process is inspired from the usual synthetic wig dyeing approach. This mainly works the identical but with some minor adjustments

1. Depending on the scale of the fur you wish to dye, the following formulation, has to be adjusted. My items are about (15 cm by 10 cm)x2. Put into the bottle, about one shot glass price of ethanol or 1/3 of a bottle of rubbing alcohol, along with half that amount of water and about three to 4 desk spoons of ink. We want much more ink, if we wish a fast and heavy colour to be applied to the fur.

2. Comb the fur into the alternative direction you which ones for it to be and begin spraying. You may choose to attend, or you’ll be able to just storage for hair accessories use your fingers and comb the fur again into the path that you want for it to follow and spray. Make sure you spray it evenly

3. Depart the newly coloured piece of fur onto newspaper to dry over night. Now the fur will most likely be kinda tangled from the dye remedy however don’t fuss with it until it’s dry.

4. After its dry simply comb the fur within the direction you wish the follicles to face. After combing you may find that there area still white areas, just spray the colour again into the white areas, depart to dry.

Step 4 did not must be repeated after i did it however, if you are feeling it’s a must to, simply repeating step 4 till you are satisfied. The fur will rougher from the dye job but it didn’t hassle me. So, if you’re one for fime fur, simply keep reapeating step four and you are achieved.

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