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Selecting Hair should i have short or long hair Color When Wig Making & Colour Blending

Over the years that I’ve been enterprise the wig making analysis course of, I observed that there is an aspect of wig making that tends to get somewhat ignored: extensions hair colour. A lot of a wig maker’s focus tends to be on the construction of the wig basis or the hairpiece base, that what type and colour hair to use is sometimes almost an afterthought. In actuality, it needs to be given equal thought.

Except one is making a wig for a character as a part of a manufacturing (Television, movie, theatre and many others), then there seems to be two situations relating to hair color:
1. Individuals who need to follow, or as near as possible to, their own hair colour (or, in the case of alopecia totalis/universalis and individuals who dye their hair, what they suppose can be their own hair colour).
2. Individuals who need to use supplemental hair as an opportunity to change their hair color.

At the same time, it’s generally arduous to imagine how a wig or hairpiece is going to look, so asking the potential wearer for photos (from magazines or printed off the Internet) that reveal the color they try to attain might be a great way to aid the design process. It also helps to minimize getting your wires crossed about what they really want, and also you think they want. Do not be afraid to make nicely-thought ideas when you think the colour or color mixture is probably not one of the best option for them. When you choose this watch out the way you word it; often it is best to gently counsel an alternate.

Additionally it is essential to remember that not all colour tones swimsuit all skin undertones. For instance, I’m a person who struggles to wear blonde. It is undoubtedly not an easy color for me to wear because most shades of it could make me look sickly, pale and/or yellow. I are likely to swimsuit daker hair colours, sure reds, and highlights which are mild brown fairly than blonde.

For individuals in scenario 1, whereas adhering to requests for a match to their own hair, it is very important try to obtain as natural a hair color as attainable. For instance, people who’ve European-sort hair are likely to have hair that has a range of hair strands of various tones that make up their ‘one color’, quite than every hair strand being the identical colour. As a wig maker making an attempt to realize this look, that is where color mixing will be a very good choice. If the request is for colour 8, mixing a 6 and a ten together can obtain a pleasant shade that’s someplace in the middle and has a depth and richness that might not be achieved by using only one color.

The wefts under are virgin European human hair in a quantity 6 (the darker on the suitable) and a quantity 10 (the lighter on the left):

Hand Wefted Virgin European Human Hair in Number 6 and Quantity 10
Close Up of Hand Wefted Virgin European Human Hair in Quantity 6 and Number 10

Combine these two colours – 1 weft sewn on top of the opposite, and also you get this blended hair color:
2 wefts blended to make a mid-vary hair color

Shut up of the blended hair color
100s should i have short or long hair 0.5g/s Straight Micro Loop Hair Extensions #24 Light Golden BlondeHowever, folks of other ethnicities, reminiscent of Asian and African, who’re choosing colour 1, 1b and a pair of will usually be okay with having a 1 shade color. This is because it is rarer to discover a high stage of variation in individual strand colour in these shades.

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