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Scratching Your Head Over Head Lice

The top Louse
The top louse is a tiny wingless insect, which form is compressed. Their tone is white however when drenched with blood, it turns into pink or maybe black colored. It measures 2 to 3 millimeters. Wingless, it doesn’t take flight nor can it hop however it moves quickly (speed of 23 cm for each minute underneath pure circumstances) amongst the hair to which it clings tightly utilizing three pairs of brief limbs. Its midsection is normally wider in comparison with the opposite elements of the physique.

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The head louse breathes through openings that can shut themselves and develop into impermeable to water. These openings additionally possess a objective related to excretion. Its head has short antennae as well as very specialized mouthparts which permit the top louse to conduct piercing as well as sucking actions. Feasting fully upon the blood of their host, whom it bites 2 to 4 times every day for meals which normally final approximately half-hour. It might survive upon your scalp for over a month (30 to forty days).

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