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Thank you for coming to my weblog. I made this because of my horrific experience with my lovely hair. My total head of thick curly hair was matted like dreads however worse. My hair was matted to the roots! I don’t desire anyone in the world to go through what I went via or spend hundred of dollars visiting the salon. Before you do anything to your matted/tangled hair, read this weblog. I’ll inform you precisely what I did. When you have any questions, please remark.

Getting Started
1. Don’t Panic – the place there’s a will, there’s all the time a method.
Don’t wash your hair – Hair shrinks when it drys, and this causes matts and tanlges to tighten. The tighter the knots, the harder it is to get them out. I made the error of washing my hair after it was tangled, and it matted my hair much more.
Do not brush/comb hair- I will train you the proper option to unmatt your hair

2. Be Affected person – this will take time, but it is feasible
It might take you hours, days, weeks or months, nevertheless it is possible to unmatt your hair. My hair took 7 months to untangle because I used to be busy with faculty, received very sick, and suffered type depression through the time. If I can do it, so can you. Do not Quit!!!! For those who need assistance, leave a comment.

3. What You will Want – all are inexpensive and can be utilized after you untangle your hair for deep conditioning and repair.

Instruments (an important are in bold)
Rat tail comb
Quilting pins (this will likely be your new best buddy!)
– Medium tooth comb
– Towel – you might want to wipe your palms typically
– News paper or something to put under you so it’s easy to clean up
– Mirror – non-obligatory

Quilting pins
Rat tail comb

Out of all of the products I’ve tried, just one product labored properly. Also, I unintentionally created a tremendous detangler that works nicely too.
– The detangler that worked well known as Knotty Boy Every Physique Ultimate Detangler

The detangler I unintentionally created
– Sure to Carrots – Pampering Conditioner
– Nutiva – Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
– Mix 1 part Yes to Carrots Pampering Conditioner with 1 part Nutiva Organic Further Virgin Coconut Oil

Knotty Boy Each Physique Ultimate Detangler
Sure to Carrots Pampering Conditioner

Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Tips on how to Untangle Matted Hair – the untagling course of

1. Making ready the Hair – softening the hair helps stop breaking
– Find a small part or piece of hair to work on begin with the simplest piece you will discover. End all the best sections/items and depart the worst for last.

– Heavily coat your part/piece with coconut oil. Be certain that the coconut oil is in liquid type. You may warm it up by rubbing some between your fingers. You may also microwave it for a number of seconds. If the weather is scorching, your coconut oil is probably in liquid type. The oil needs to be liquid to get between tight knots.

– Let oil sit in hair – the longer the higher (before I untangle a hard matt, I marinate it with oil for at the least a day). The objective is to get the oil to solidify inside your matt/tangle.

– You possibly can repeat this make long hair look short process as much as you need on your part/piece – the more the better
– Use Knotty Boy or the detangler I by accident created to therapeutic massage in your part/piece using a downward motion with fingers. Ensure to coat from root to tip even if it isn’t tangled there.

2. Utilizing Quilting Pin – be artistic and careful
It’s a must to be inventive together with your tools, but additionally cautious as a result of you may break your hair, poke yourself, or lose your pin.

At all times start at the very tip of the hair – use pin to lightly comb on the tip of the hair. Cease WHEN You feel RESISTANCE FROM THE HAIR. If you feel resistance you can flippantly tug or choose it.
Why is the quilting pin so vital The pin is the only tool I’ve discovered that can remove single strands of hair away from small tight knots. You possibly can truly stick the pin inside the knot and tug downward and sideways on one strand of hair to launch it.

2. Using Combs – both can be used before, throughout, or after pinning
Rat tail comb: I discover that this comb is beneficial in creating small sections/pieces or to loosen matts before or throughout pinning. Insert the TAIL of comb between matts or inside a mat and flippantly comb or tug/pick.

Medium Tooth Comb: this comb needs to be used when all of the small tangles are removed. For instance, if I’ve taken out the small knots from the tip of the hair, I’d comb the tip of the hair earlier than beginning on the the middle of the hair with my pin. The medium tooth comb may also be make long hair look short used to loosen matts before, throughout, and after pinning.

Issues to remember
That is a long process and it’ll take time

At all times start from tip to root
Untangle one small section/piece at a time

Stop when you are feeling resistance out of your hair
Virgin Brazilian Hair Loose Wave 4x4 Middle Part Lace Top Closures 8-20 Inch Natural BlackFinish all the simplest sections/pieces and go away the worst for last

Never surrender! Depart a comment for help!

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