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Dry & Frizzy Hair

I have a niece and her hair has at all times been a struggle for her to take care extensions of. It gets so dry and frizzy and tangles very bad, and she is tender headed so it bothers her to brush it a lot. She is mixed and a few people inform us she has a white ladies hair but then others tell us she has a black girls hair.. I really dont know what to do for her, may someone help me out right here

the proper hair needs a recipe and for each particular person its totally different.
since it tangles simply its probably thin – like mine so straightening/ curling it could damage the hair. Also, blow drying can dry the hair to the crisp. She needs her hair to be robust before she can do something like that.

Depending on her hair color try using John Freida’s brilliant brunette or Bio Silk shampoo and conditioner.

Before she gets in the shower, try having her brush her hair in components. If it hurts have her do one of the best that she will be able to.

After she shampoos, use a large toothed comb and brush through her hair. Softly so she doesn’t break her hair,

Then, squeeze the excess water out of her hair, gently as well. This fashion when she puts in her conditioner she can soak up most of the conditioner.

While she waits a pair minutes earlier than rinsing the conditioner have her wash her physique so she would not waste water.

When her hair is still completely soaked and out of the shower, have her use John Frieda’s Shine shock and have her depart it in.

Then she can both air dry – which is the most effective
or blow dry on the coolest temperature setting out there. The information of her hair ought to be dry with the ‘cool’ setting to prevent split ends.

Style it perferably all the way down to the aspect or parted. If she likes her hair straight use a flat brush when blow drying.

After styling hairspray, then add a little little bit of shine shock, or Bio Silk Cure Soyeuse Silk Therapy.

The Chi brand of straighteners work really well and usually add a bit of shine to your hair. Yet they usually price $a hundred -$120.

I learn this on another question it appears so you can use it –
By SisterAlice: wash and rince in cold water. really it closes the pores so that you dont get the oils that make it flat. only use conditioner on the ends or that makes it blah. towel dry as much as you may. then put some root lift just on the roots at the part of your hair then with your head up facet down both barely blow dry in heat and cool or finish with cool to maintain the pores closed or instead of the hair dryer if in case you have time simply keep operating your fingers by way of it as your sitting lifting up as you do that. my daughtar has lengthy waist legth silky blonde hair and when she dont need to take the time ( 20 min.) to do that she finally ends up with it in a pony tail too. if you employ the cold water to wash and rince and do the finger factor you are able to do it the evening earlier than and nonetheless have fluff. or within the morning take a big curling iron and put it to the roots give it a one in a half twist again and pulling frivolously ahead and prompt poof.. simply remember the more conditionor and the more you pull down is what your gonna get..

deep conditioning remedies!
or a gentle relaxer.

attempt sunsilk shampoos %26amp; conditioners. they labored four my hair! -dee
nicely in order that my hair wont get frizzy i put a lil of child oil on my hair b four i take a shawer or after i do like that its not frizzy its simply good and fairly

Take a look at this group;

They may provide help to reply all of your hair associated conundrums!
After shampooing and rinsing, apply a hydrating conditioner. Brush hair within the shower with the conditioner in. Leave conditioner in for a few minutes before rinsing. Afterwards, towel-dry till damp. Apply a small quantity of Biosilk- it is great and makes hair comfortable and shiny.

I have incredibly dry, brittle hair myself — to the point it could literal break off if I brushed it. Its also very tremendous, so any form of deep conditioning made it extremely greasy. After experimenting with my stylist, I started using Biolage Clarifying Shampoo, and Biolage Hydrating balm right after. After getting out of the shower, I exploit Biolage Thermal Heat Setting Spray as an alternative of hairspray. You put it on whereas your hair is wet, and it helps to set your hair without the crunchy-ness or injury of hairspray. At night I exploit a leave-in conditioner (also Biolage) and braid my hair with a silk ribbon (so a twisty doesn’t damage my hair). I also use a silk pillowcase to prevent breakage, as well as an old t-shirt instead of a towel to squeeze the excess water out of my hair after a shower.

Any of these tips or products should really assist the situation of your niece’s hair. I really feel for her!!

it doesnt matter what folks say about what sort of hair it’s, the issue is not being remedied by stating that. so ignore what they are saying unless they are give productive advice. relaxers are the easy approach out, my hair is natural and is healthy. chemicals damage the hair. having dry and long hair and curls frizzy hair are indicators of injury and placing chemicals in the hair at this state would not be wise. deep conditioning and hot oil treatments everytime she shampoos are the best and first concepts to try. and since she is tender-headed be sure you seperate the hair in sections when combing or brushing (root to ends). it’s not a major issue of being mixed but since you mentioned it i have experience with styling hair of this description on a mixed lady’s head and have carried out these similar things on her hair and it is more manageable and healthier wanting. Not mention a using an honest brand of de-frizzer. Do not use gel. it makes the hair dryer. hair maintenance on hair of any age is necessary so take the time, you or whoever is going to be applying this advice, to take care of her hair.

Move to Portland Ore! it worked for my daughter!
actually I know that sounds far fetched.If you can’t do that;

Herble essence works (For dry hair) conditioner stays in 2 minutes COMB with a long hair and curls large toothed comb.
As soon as a day. Avoid little pony-tails cuz it should break dry hair badly!! I bet she is so cute tho!!lol

The best possible is a product known as Silk Drops from FX Special Effects. You will get it at any Walgreens, CVS, and many others. You’ll love it!

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