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Cold Pressed, Virgin, Unrefined

I began utilizing Coconut Oil originally of my hair journey back in August 2010. I barely used it and i knew so little about oils then that when winter rolled around and the Coconut Oil solidified, I threw it out because I believed something was fallacious with it (FYI Coconut Oil is strong when saved at temperatures less than 75°F/24ºC)

Fast forward 3 years and i finally decided to purchase it once more. I now I can’t think about my hair regimen with out Coconut Oil and really feel so stupid for ever throwing this precious stuff within the bin. It has so many uses, for the hair, pores and skin and body, but this put up concentrates solely on it is benefits on these tresses.

The Great things
Coconut Oil is packed with vitamins which assist keep the scalp and hair nourished. Coconut oil is among the few oils which can actually penetrate the outer layer of the hair strand. It effectively holds in moisture and prevents protein loss. Coconut oil drastically advantages broken or excessive porosity excessive, as these sorts absorb the oil when wet extra readily than healthy hair. Additionally it is claimed to assist with hair development and gradual hair loss. I particularly love that this oil provides all these advantages while being very lightweight and leaves the hair with a gorgeous shine.

Chilly Pressed, Virgin, Unrefined
You will usually see these phrases to explain oils. The Coconut Oil I exploit is Virgin Coconut Oil which is unrefined and has been extracted using a cold pressing technique. Basically what this means is nothing has been added to the oil – it is pure and completely natural. Cold pressing permits the oil to be extracted with none of the goodness being misplaced. Usually, if you want to get essentially the most out of your oil, I would say go for something that is as close to it’s pure form as attainable by having the above qualities.

How I take advantage of it
I like to use Coconut oil to damp hair earlier than shampooing to protect my hair from the process. I like to scoop a couple of teaspoons value into the palm of my fingers and rub it together to heat it up. After it’s melted, which normally takes a few seconds, I apply it to my hair. I begin by generously saturating my ends with it after which transfer as much as rest of my hair earlier than giving my scalp a fast massage. I go away this on for 10 minutes or so, typically with a plastic cap on to heat up the oil with the heat from my head.


I like to make use of Coconut Oil pre shampoo because it prevents the hair strand from taking over an excessive amount of moisture. When the hair is washed it swells to soak up water and it contracts as it dries. I always emphasise the necessity for moisture in the hair but this repeated swelling and contracting of the hair strand through the washing process may cause harm over time. Coconut Oil subsequently protects the hair from overswelling making it an effective pre shampoo therapy.

Where to buy
Coconut Oil might be found in supermarkets or well being meals stores.

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