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Can I Streak My Dyed Black Hair

Can I streak my dyed black hair
my hairs naturally brown but i died it black a few months ago.like in december.so not even two months ago.but it i would like it extra..thrilling..

what colours would present up in it Without making my hair orange or an icky green or something like that

if it helps
im an almost sixteen yr previous female

and im into the emo, punk, rocker, and skater seems to be
Can you see roots yet If you’ll be able to see the distinction between your roots and dye job then the streaks will also look different between the two.

It human body hair would probaly be very dramatic on your natural hair and more refined on the black portion resulting from the very fact it might take the shade longer to develop on the black hair.

Try it, you’ll never know until you try. Simply do not go for something really drastic. I’d keep it in the dead of night family of colours, like an eggplant or one thing.

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Since black hair dye incorporates a lot darkish pigment you will have to make use of bleach to deliver the shade up once more. If you want just richer brown streaks in your black hair which would look like mahogany wood then I suggest a highlift ash haircolor. That will curb the brassy ness and provide you with an fascinating shade.

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