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Tips on how to Curl Your Hair With A Straightener

Be taught in less than a minute (with pictures and video).
With curl wands being the new thing to use to get voluminous curls, straighteners have sadly develop into a factor of the previous. Everyday increasingly people put away the straightener and opt for the wand. In case you are like me, you don’t need lay down $a hundred for an additional equipment you most likely won’t use in a year. That is why I use my straightener to get my curls. Not only does a straightener give you perfect ringlets when carried out correctly, but its thick frame makes creates curls which might be less Shirley Temple.

What You will need: Hairbrush, Straightener, and Hairspray (optional)

How Lengthy Will This Look Take: Relies upon on your hair size and thickness. Mine takes about quarter-hour.

Required Level: Beginner

The 1st step
As always, brush your hair!

Step Two
Take an inch width of hair.

Step Three
With you straightener begin at the roots and straighten you hair till you hit mid- how to style short bob hair strand.

Step Four
Take the top of the strand and pull it below the straightener, toward you face.

Step Five
Roll the straightener outward till the tip strand is popping out of the right approach once more. The strand needs to be utterly wrapped around the straightener.

Step Six
Gently glide the straightener with your hair wrapped round it until the tip of the strand.

Finish Result
You might be completed! Do steps 1-6 throughout your head and your hair should be curly in no time!

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