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Top four Curly Hair Myths

We have heard loads of myths about curly hair and a few of them are downright real humorous. Nevertheless, some actually make us wonder if they’re true, and if they don’t seem to be, we marvel where they got here from and if there’s a fact behind them. But more than something, in fact we want to know how we should always modify our care regimen based mostly them in case they’re true right Effectively, listed below are our prime 4 myths. Do add those you know proper down there at the comments part so we are able to trade secrets and techniques okay

Truth: Washing 1-three occasions per week is actually good for curly hair. It is the added chemicals (e.g. sulfate) in shampoo that can cause damage or dryness. In reality, you must wash often to maintain your hair from becoming brittle and dry. Why

First, washing clears your scalp and hair of product residue that may stunt progress and trigger injury. This is very true if you use merchandise that comprise mineral oil, petroleum, or alcohol.

Second, a clear scalp keeps your pure oils (or sebum) on the stream; these oils work as pure hair moisturizer that prevent brittle and dry.

Truth: Ironically, many use these hairstyles as protective styling; not to mention, they appear fab and trendy. But yes, they could not directly trigger hair loss. How In case your braids are too tight and are worn too lengthy, hair pulling can obviously cause stress and injury to your hair. But no, the hairstyles in themselves don’t cause alopecia.

Need to keep your Havana Twists without dropping valuable hair Don’t do them too tight (or tell your stylist to not). Give your hair breaks each few weeks as properly by how to make your hair go wavy alternating loose hairstyles with braided ones.

So yes, water is good for curly hair; however avoid harsh chemicals from certain shampoos!

Reality: Race has nothing to do with how fast an individual’s hair grows. We are able to anticipate it to grow at ¼ to ½ inch per month but since curly hair doesn’t grow straight down-however in curls-so it seems to develop slower than straight hair.

One different common downside is when not properly cared for, kinky hair is more vulnerable to drying and damage. So if you want to it develop longer that’s free from split ends and harm, correct care is important.

Fantasy 4: CURLY HAIR IS Harder TO Handle In comparison with RELAXED HAIR.
Reality: This feels very true in case you are transitioning from relaxed hair to pure-because you’ve gotten used to straight hair. Curly hair seems to require distinctive attention since it is susceptible to frizz and harm however give it some thought-so does skinny straight or coloured hair! Managing curls is just not laborious; it is just completely different. Merely start by practicing the basics of caring for naturally curly hair, and it quickly turns into as straightforward as habit.

The deception with relaxed hair is that it might feel simple to comb and magnificence however then the chemical remedy also make it more fragile, injury prone, and difficult to take care of.

70g Flip In Human Hair #27 Strawberry BlondeSo, have you got your personal list of curly hair myths to debunk Do not keep them to your self. Go right forward and share it with the CurlKit group. Go away a remark and share some love.

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