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Hair Extensions Newbie’s Information

First, let’s make clear the difference between a weave and an extension, as the two phrases are often conflated. A weave is the strategy of sewing hair extensions into pure hair that’s been braided tightly to the scalp. Extensions could be utilized in other methods, as properly, together with clip-in, tape, and invisible wire. We’ll start by giving the DL on low-commitment extensions, and then work up to weaves.


Lisa Richards, the proprietor of RPZL, NYC’s first extension-only bar, mentioned that clip-in extensions are the gateway to more traditional extensions, and really useful them as a low-maintenance choice for the proudly lazy, but aspiring-glam crew. You possibly can purchase clip-ins and apply them your self, or have them professionally utilized.

“They are most popular, particularly with freshmen since they’re so user-friendly and require less of a time dedication,” she stated. “They’re primarily barrettes with hair connected, and they can be clipped in or out each time you’d like.”

One other straightforward-to-remove option is a “hidden crown” or “hidden wire” extension. These are one-piece extensions that lay beneath your hair and, because the identify implies, keep put via a wire that’s concealed by your individual hair.

For a semi-permanent option, consider extensions which are taped onto the head.
“Premium tape extensions are connected by our consultants at RPZL using invisible, bi-adhesive premium tape that’s undetectable to how much does hair extensions cost the touch,” stated Richards. “They final for as much as eight weeks.”

This relatively new methodology is a favourite amongst pros and extension-obsessed as a result of it’s usually much less painful, more affordable, and never as damaging as weaves. That mentioned, there are a pair things to think about. First—though professionals do an incredible job of concealing the tape—it’s nonetheless possible tape can present when sporting your hair any method however down. Showering may also be tough. While wearing tape-in extensions, you have to be careful when conditioning your hair since conditioner will break down the glue bond and make the extensions fall out.

Yet another method—even extra revolutionary than tape—is ultrasound-utilized extensions.
“Sound waves are used to remodel a small keratin tip from a stable to a liquid to a stable in a second flat. No damaging heat is used during the appliance, and they last for three months,” stated Richards, who presents this service at RPZL. “The keratin bonds are lighter, tighter, and more discreet than another hair extension on the market.”

Lastly, let’s speak about weaves!
“All weaves are not created equal,” said movie star Hairstylist Aki Hill, who’s styled Nicole Miller, Kerry Washington, and Orange is the new Black’s Vicky Jeudy. “When purchasing a weave, you need virgin, un-processed, temple-reduce hair. This is the hair that’s literally shaved at the temple of worship as an offering. All of the hair cuticles are laying the same path, and it has probably the most endurance, allowing the wearer to make use of it for effectively over a yr with one single buy.”

For the very best outcomes, it’s vital that you simply to go to a good hair stylist with tons of expertise in weaves. Not solely will this particular person apply the extensions in a means that makes them lay beautifully, they’re extra seemingly to make use of high quality products. Weaves usually final two to 3 months and take about three hours to complete.

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Cost of Hair Extensions

The price of extensions varies extensively relying on the type of extension you buy, whether it’s professionally applied, the town you live, and stylist expertise.

For at-house clip-in options, you can expect to pay between $20 and $50 per piece, and for at-house hidden crown and tape-in extensions nearer to $100. For professionally administered tape-in extensions and weaves, costs range from $200 to $700. The ultrasound extensions we mentioned earlier, a proprietary know-how and technique utilized by RPZL, cost between $650 and $950.

Maintenance and Styling
Clip-in hair extensions ought to be removed once you sleep, when you wash your hair, and when you’re swimming. Depending on the standard of them, you possibly can gently shampoo and condition them, and style them, as well. Refer to the instructions on your product package deal. Because they must be removed and reapplied day-after-day, the sort of extension can be very time consuming. Nevertheless, they do make an affect, and might be saved for special ocassions or days once you randomly really feel like rocking an extended size or fuller head of hair.

“Once they’re clear and dry, store extensions vertically and away from direct sunlight, preferably in a darkish place like a closet shelf, cabinet or dresser drawer,” Richards suggested.

For tape-in, ultrasound, and weave extensions, you’ll be able to pretty much model them nevertheless you want as long as you’ve invested in 100% virgin hair. It is because “they signify an authentic extension of your natural hair,” said Richards (the only exception is tape-in extensions, which shouldn’t be conditioned). “You can coloration, reduce, and iron your hair extensions, so it actually is a similar upkeep course of to your regular hair with a bit extra effort and time because you now have both fuller and longer hair.”

Other than at-residence care, you’ll additionally have to hit the salon persistently.
“We advocate a visit every six to eight weeks since your natural hair development cycle will trigger tape extensions to travel away from the scalp, and with our exclusive keratin hair, we recommend each three months for a brand new software.”

For weaves, how typically you go to the salon for a refresh depends on your way of life, the standard of the weave, and your hair’s progress cycle. Some individuals go in for knowledgeable touch up as often as bi-weekly whereas others go about as soon as a month. Your stylist will fix extensions that have turn out to be loose, re-braid hair where there’s been growth, and trim if obligatory.

It’s no surprise that we see extensions all over the place, and not simply on celebs! They add prompt glamour to any look, and could make you’re feeling like more bucks than all the Kardashians have combined. If you’re willing to put the effort into upkeep and upkeep, they’re completely value it.

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