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Brush your hair before showering and don’t brush it again till your hair is completely dry.

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I can not stress how vital it’s to choose a good shampoo. Its the key to a great hair day and can make your hair super soft and shiny.

Listed below are some good shampoo and conditioners that I’ve tried:(listed so as from fav to least)
-Mane n’ tail ( really helps with hair growth)

-Suave rosemary+mint
-Suave almond+shea butter

-Clear therapy
-Natural essences coconut milk

-Herbal essences citrus carry
-Herbal essences rose

Mini Deep situation:(outline: maintaining conditioner in hair for long time like a hair mask)
Mini deep condition the place I first shampoo my hair then I leave my conditioner in for the remainder of the shower til I finish every thing then I wash it out. (Even higher if you take long baths)

Drying hair:
-I don’t blowdry my hair I towel dry it then air dry it. I really encourage towel drying as a result of it cuts down your blowdrying time if you cant air dry your hair.

Hair products:
-The hair chemist macadamia oil hair mask (use once every week) and serum.

Hair mask-
As soon as a week I take 3 tbsp olive oil (you may use other oils) and wet my hair then apply to my scalp and then use the remaining on the length of my hair. Leave how can i help my hair grow in for 15mins then wash out.

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