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O.k. I believe This’ll Work Great

O.okay. I think this’ll work wig nice. Hello, you are just in time for a new tip. My identify is Sylvia Russell and that is how to place in hair extensions. Now, there are a number of ways to put in hair extensions. There are some you are able to do your self at dwelling, however there are some that you just need an expert recommendation or perhaps even visit your native salon. So, hair strengthener I have a chunk of hair right here, so let’s get going. This is called an infusion strand. And what I’d do is I’d naturally guantee that the coloration matches first. And as you may see, it is a extremely good blend. What we’re doing is we’re adding highlights in to her natural hair. As you can see here, she has some natural highlights already. That is all her pure hair. So what we’re doing is we’re adding some more synthetic highlights. Now, usually in case you see this little bead right here, I might heat this bead and attach it on to her hair strand, thus creating a gorgeous natural highlight. However what I’m going to do is I am going to use a clip with the intention to see how it is completed. Now, it’s all blended and we might do that all the best way across the hair till we created the fullness that we needed. After you have your hair there, you’ll go ahead and pull your hair down like so and no one would ever know that you had a hair extension underneath. Very simple very fast for knowledgeable to do, something I don’t suggest you do at dwelling. But when that’s the case, get all of your suggestions and tools, ask knowledgeable and do what you possibly can. My identify is Sylvia Russell and this is how one can put in hair extensions.

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