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Make Natural Curly Hair Greater, More Alive

I have naturally curly hair and i like the best way it seems to be right after i take a shower and it is wet but when it dries it gets frizzy or else it gets to huge. How can i keep it looking like it does when it’s wet

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I too have naturally curly hair. What I might advocate is get a curling mousse or gel or both. Towel dry your hair, then put sufficient mousse/gel in your hair that it’s covered, but not soaking in it, and not skimping on the product. I would then scrunch it like normal and let it air dry. I wouldn’t advocate a diffuser because that normally tends so as to add poof to the hair. And poof is what you are trying to avoid.

i use a shine spray. it helps keep it shiny and not too frizzy, i normally spray it into my hand and rub it onto my hair. don’t use too much or it may turn out to be very greasy. if it’s curly malaysian hair weave really humid, though, it can be tough.

sometimes i use a wax in it, too, if i want a distinct look.. it helps management the frizz, however does add a bit of weight.

I kno what you mean, I like my curlyness when its wet too! What I do is use a moose, one that doesn’t make my hair too crunchy, but keeps it shiny and almost wet looking. I exploit that Vo5 product, its in a crimson can. If you live someplace where its really dry, humid, windy, or hot, strive using an afterspray too like the ganier fructis shine one, it smells good, and it keeps frizzies away and make your hair shiny! Good luck, and hope I helped!

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