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Human Hair Extensions And Remy Hair Extensions

Types of Human Hair Extensions (Virgin vs. Remy vs. Non-Remy)
August 28, 2015
by Alexandra White

Types of Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are worn by ladies worldwide and are in excessive demand. This means that the costs for human hair extensions are high and everyone seems to be selling them. Women like sporting human hair extensions as a result of the texture blends well with their very own hair and it lasts longer. Nevertheless, with the overwhelming amount of on-line stores promoting human hair extensions, you could wish to know that there are a lot of types of human hair extension and never all are created equal. When it comes to hair extensions, there’s rather a lot to study. It is important to know that not all hair extensions are human hair, even once they claim to be. Some on-line hair extension companies will mix animal hair or synthetic hair in what they call “human hair extensions” to save on costs, this hair tends to be offered for a cheaper quantity and can usually fall apart inside weeks of wear. Top quality human hair is costly and tends to final longer with proper care. Be sure to buy your human hair extension from a reputable firm that sources hair ethically and has prime quality hair. Now, assuming that you’re getting human hair extensions, there are three types of human hair extensions to select from. Each stage of hair does present a unique experience when carrying the extensions. There is lots to learn with regards to human hair extensions comparable to, virgin and remy hair are two different types of hair extensions, there is never such issues as Brazilian and Peruvian hair, these are made up phrases. The list goes on and on. Get the information (and secrets different hair extension companies Don’t need you to know) from one of many worlds largest hair manufacturers.

Remy hair extensions are the most popular human hair extension in the marketplace as a consequence of the quality curling hair tutorial and value. Remy hair is a top quality hair that lasts up to a year and blends very effectively with your individual hair. What’s remy hair means is that all the cuticles are intact, working in the same path (at time of assortment). When all hair strands comply with the same path there shall be almost no tangling and matting (if processed properly). With true prime quality remy hair, the hair collected is healthy, the cuticles intact and all cuticles move in the same path from root to the tip.

High quality “remy” is collected instantly from a lady’s head and has been cut whereas in a ponytail, from a single donor, and is the full length of the strands. This assortment course of guarantees that the cuticles will stay aligned and the end result will be pure remy hair. As you guessed, there are numerous qualities of remy hair and what determines your expertise with remy hair is how the hair is when manufactured. Remy hair will be from Asia, India, and Europe – the place it comes from actually would not matter so long as it is ethically sourced. The distinction you want to search for in remy hair is that the hair is double drawn (that means hair is 100% one length) and is it true remy hair processed properly. True remy hair won’t tangle usually and can mix properly with your personal hair. As with all hair extensions, there are at all times various kinds of manufacturing processing which determines the longevity and expertise with the extensions.

Observe: All remy hair extensions are “remy” on the time of assortment, but some hair extension companies use harsh, quaint, rushed manufacturing where the cuticles can get ruined while processing. To mask this they then coat the hair in silicone to make it seem tender, solely to experience tangling and matting after a number of washes when the silicone wears off. At Glam Seamless we course of our remy hair gently with a sophisticated technology (related processing as cashmere) which ultimately preserves the cuticles even after processing, so that they remain intact.

How is Remy Hair Totally different from Virgin Hair
Remy hair is chosen from many hair donors and mixed collectively from many donors. The hair that is collected from remy hair could have been beforehand processed (color or in any other case). Virgin hair comes from one thick ponytail from a hair donor that has by no means had any chemical remedy on their hair.

Non-Remy Hair Extensions
Non-remy hair (typically labeled “Remy” but truly is just not) is hair that collected from the floor of temples, salons and random suppliers. With such a collection methodology, cuticle directions grow to be mixed, causing inevitable shedding, tangling and matting issues. To mask the problems that will arise with non-remy hair, hair suppliers will use harsh chemicals to strip the cuticles fully and then apply a considerable amount of silicone coating to make the hair appear tender and silky. The hair initially feel silky and tender, however, after few washes the silicone coating wears off and the hair feels very brittle and begins matting and tangling. Problems will come up with non-remy hair after a couple of washes and won’t last past a few washes and can’t be reused. Also, for the reason that cuticles are stripped and never intact, the hair extensions are unable to tolerate color treatment or heat.

The best thing to do in relation to hair extensions is test the hair your self and take a look at before you purchase! Read evaluations, observe up with customers who have worn the hair extensions from the brand you need to buy from and perceive the corporate’s processing of the hair extensions before you buy it. True remy and virgin hair are usually dearer, but will final longer. One last factor to bear in mind is that not all hair labeled remy is true remy hair with cuticle intact, and after 2-3 washes the hair will mat and tangle. Make certain to use Glam Seamless sample wefts, apply one tape bond sandwich and go away it in for weeks. You will notice wash after wash, blow dry and styling that the extensions will move and feel similar to your individual.

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