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There are quite a lot of different ways to apply hair extensions, we would like to explain and examine them right here so you are able to make an educated choice on what shall be the best method for your hair.

Grade 10A Vrigin Brazilian Deepcurly Hair Extensions 3 Bundles 300g With 13*4 Curly Lace Frontals Natural BlackOnce again, all data in this blog stems from my own & our purchasers personal experiences, and in case you have some other experience value sharing, please add a comment below 🙂

MICRO BEADS – These are our preferred methodology of application, as they are easy to apply and remove, don’t use any heat / glue / chemicals to use or remove, and could be less damaging in your hair than other strategies. In saying this although, you want to ensure you’re getting the best type of micro beads, there are quite a couple of different varieties – copper tubes / screw lined / double beads / silicone lined.

We personally suggest the silicone lined beads, as they’ve a skinny silicone ring inside the bead, so that when it is clamped shut in your natural hair, it acts as a protective layer between the metallic bead and your individual hair. Some of the cheaper metal beads can cause breakage on the roots from the skinny edge of the bead pulling and rubbing continuously throughout normal wear. This also implies that for those who do by accident pull your hair too hard and some extensions come loose, it’s less likely to pull your individual hair out. Our beads also have a protecting coating which implies the colour is not going to chip off and depart metal bits in your hair.

Micro beads come in several different colours in order that your extensionist is ready to match the bead colour to the colour of the roots of your hair. If the beads are positioned and applied accurately, you should not be able to see the beads at all while wearing your hair extensions. However, for these of you with extremely skinny or very blonde hair who’re worried about the visibility of the micro beads, some other methods could be better suited. My hair is very thin, though when I have it dark, you are unable to see any beads in any respect, but when i had mild blonde hair, you were able to see them by my hair, so I used a unique application method.

It is strongly recommended to have micro bead hair extensions maintained / moved up each 2 months to keep away from injury or matting of your pure hair. We’ll discuss hair extension care in another blog.

Here is a photo of the micro bead application. The tape weft extensions can give a much flatter feel when utilized and usually have a faster utility time. They may also present a extra pure look for some folks with shorter or thinner hair, as the sections that are applied to your roots are wider than the individual strands of the micro bead method, and will give a much less ‘separated’ look. However, as a result of the utilized sections are wider, it may be tougher to wear your hair up with the tape wefts applied. You generally need to wear your hair in a low, loose ponytail and avoid twisting or folding the tape sections when utilizing hair bands and clips. You’re unable to pull your hair again tightly on the sides because the tape sections will not be as flexible / maneuverable as the beads.

The Tape wefts are good for blonde hair as they are harder to see than the beads, however, if you tone your hair a lot utilizing a purple or blue shampoo, the tape tends to carry onto a few of that colour and get a slight purple / blue tinge going on after a while, so it can be crucial that you retain your hair clean and dry always and ensure not one of the tape sections are exhibiting by way of. Verify the again of your head in the mirror if you are worried, get your hair in the proper position / fashion and add a bit of hair spray to avoid hair moving / parting at the back without your knowledge during the days.

Tape weft hair ought to even be maintained around every 6 weeks. For the reason that extensions are applied to larger sections of your natural hair, if they develop into too grown out, you can risk pulling your hair too much at the roots and causing breakage.

Tape weft hair can be applied utilizing heat and the tape can go away a gluey residue in your hair as soon as the extensions are removed. To remove / maintain them a keratin disolver or acetone type chemical is used to disolve the glue on the bond and your hair. This is typically not so good to your hair, which is why we prefer to recommend the methods which don’t use heat / chemicals, but the tape does also have it’s good sides, so it’s sort of non-public preference as to which you desire.

Here is a photo of the skin weft / tape hair extensions. Like the skin weft. Heat is still required to use them. They can be less visible in lighter hair, but they normally require more frequent maintenance as they will slip out easier. They also tend to hold on to the colour of toning products, and are more difficult to remove than micro beads.

Shrinkies are applied like a bead, but instead of being metal, they are a thin plastic tube which generally comes in clear or black, they are heated once applied and shrink around the extension and your hair to keep it in place. This also can result in some glue (and typically melted plastic) staying in your hair for a while after removing. Removal of shrinkies generally takes longer than removal of the other methods, because the tube has to be crushed to get out, which often also leads to your hair extensions needing to be rebonded earlier than you possibly can re-use them.

Extra time = costlier.
Shrinkies / Shrink Tube Software

There are other methods available, which we do not personally use in our salons, although we used to supply the fusion method, but stopped a few years in the past due to clients having too buying hair extensions in bulk many problems with them.

Fusion Method: Hair Extensions being directly glued into you own hair. You usually leave them in much longer (months and months) before having them taken out, however often are unable to re-use the hair, and your hair on the roots might be quite damaged from not being able to brush it while the extensions are in. Utility and removal is quite time consuming, and once again requires heat and chemicals to be used on your hair.

Sewn In Weft: Wefts are historically designed for thick, already lengthy hair – such as African hair. They are applied by being sewn in to a very tight braided section of your natural hair, and are often not able to be utilized to the sides, only the back of your head. In case your hair is okay, the load of the weft can break your natural hair at the roots, and so can the tightness of the braid. You also cannot get to the braided section of your hair to dry / wash properly, which can leave your hair quite bad upon removal.

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