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Wedding Makeup, Bridal Hair And Make-up Salon In Las Vegas

Stevee Danielle Hair and Make up Las Vegas salon will carry you artists with years of coaching and specializing in hair extensions. Come right down to our salon for a free consultation and you’re going to get to see and really feel the hair extensions. Name now 702.290.1770

100% Human Remy Hair Extensions!$700-$850
Micro-bead: No Glue, No Mess, No pulling out your hair once you don’t need them anymore!

Micro bead hair extensions is an individual strand software. Your individual hair will be slid through a tiny four centimeter bead. Then one hair piece can be slid in the identical bead with your own hair. The micro bead hair extension will then be compressed with pliers to shut the circle. This shall be repeated in a brick lay pattern throughout the pinnacle. When you want them moved up or removed the pliers pop the bead’s hole again into a perfect circle. It will insure easy painless elimination with out pulling your hair out. We use solely 100% Virgin Human Remy Indian Hair Extensions. The hair extensions will last anywhere brushes for hair extensions between 2-4 months (depending how briskly your hair grows) if you’re taking care of them longer. When the hair has grown out all you should do is get the extensions lifted which is a quick and simple course of. Different types of extensions will injury and pull out your hair leaving it very skinny making hair extensions a necessity not a luxurious. Micro bead hair extensions are protected to your hair and easily eliminated without any hair loss. In case you are excited about simply quick time period hair extensions for a bridal hairstyle or special event we additionally provide demi permanent micro bead hair extensions and clip in extensions. making them great for wedding party’s or particular events. Which ever you resolve you’ll be able to come do a free consultation at our Las Vegas salon and we will match your hair coloration with the hair extensions. Stevee Danielle Hair and Make up Las Vegas salon will bring you artists with years of training and specializing in hair extensions.
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Weft Hair Extensions: Fast and straightforward plus no glue or hair thinning

Weft hair extensions are a full observe extension that goes in between two layers of your individual hair. Securing the hair extensions on both sides of your head, the stylist then works her manner across the center, till the row is full! A silicone bead( to stop the extensions from slipping) will probably be placed about every half inch across the weft. Your individual hair will probably be divided into quarter inch sub-sections, beginning on the nape of the neck, working your means up towards the highest of the head. Nice for thickness or size, extensions are an important addition for a fantastic and luxurious end result. Relying on house care, weft extensions last anyplace between 2-4 brushes for hair extensions months (depending on natural hair progress) When the hair grows out all that you must do is get your hair extensions lifted, simple and straightforward! Come by our Las Vegas hair salon at this time and communicate to considered one of our extensions specialist.

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FAQ to answer your Hair extension questions

Q. What sort of hair extensions are there
A. There are numerous forms of hair extensions. Some require you to go to your Las vegas salon others you are able to do in your individual residence. Clip in hair extensions are cheap, straightforward and you can do it your self taking them in and out whenever you want. Micro bead hair extensions final quite a bit longer but are essentially the most expensive of the hair extensions and require an expert. They do last the longest and do the least harm to your hair. Keratin bonds is a cheaper extra common resolution. It also requires knowledgeable. The professionals are it lasts lengthy and looks natural. The con is it’s devastating to your hair when it comes out leaving your hair very thin and requiring you to get extra hair extensions. We provide all three however we advocate the micro bead hair extensions.

Q. What are micro bead hair extensions
Q.What number of hair extensions will I want

A.This is totally different for everybody depending on how thin or quick your hair is, the place you need the extensions and how thick you want it. Normally We advocate 2 packs which comes out to about $240. Keep in thoughts this is a median.

Q. How a lot will micro bead hair extensions value me
A.There are plenty of places that off hair extensions in Las Vegas with a variety of prices that may be within the hundreds. Some salons justify this price by saying that the hair may be very costly. Even the most costly hair on the market doesn’t value more than $400 for 180 hair pieces. (common number of pieces for 1 person is 80-180) So the other $1500 is just service cost. Stevee Danielle Hair and Make Up Las Vegas salon solely costs $550 for install and the true price of what the hair will cost.

Q. What is virgin hair extensions
A.Virgin hair extensions means that the hair has not been launched to any chemical components and is left in its authentic state. Because of this the hair extensions will feel and look as natural as your own hair.

Q. How do I know that the hair extensions will match my hair
A.The most effective technique to do that is to come into our salon (located at 8930 s Maryland pkwy Las Vegas NV) and we can match your hair. The hair extensions come in 50 shades and will also be custom ordered just in case none of those shades are what you are looking for.

Q. What is Remy hair extensions
A.Remy hair extensions have the identical process of quality as Virgin besides that they are colored and have added Keratin to make them more durable and easier to keep up.

Q. How are micro bead hair extensions applied
A.Micro bead hair extensions is an individual strand application. Your own hair can be slid by way of a tiny 4 centimeter bead. Then one hair piece will probably be slid in the identical bead with your individual hair. The micro bead hair extension will then be compressed with pliers to shut the circle. This shall be repeated in a brick lay sample all through the top. If you want them moved up or removed the pliers pop the bead’s gap back into an ideal circle.

Q. Can I’m going swimming with hair extensions
A.Effectively since we are in Las Vegas you don’t have to worry in regards to the ocean a lot. If you happen to do occur to to go in salt water just keep away from getting your hair wet because the salt water will dry the hair extensions out. Swimming in a pool is fine just wash and condition your hair directly after.

Q. Can anyone see that I have extensions in
A.No. If accomplished properly any sort of hair extensions will probably be unnoticeable so ensure you analysis salons in Las Vegas

Q. Why ought to I pick Stevee Danielle Hair and Make up versus other salons in Las Vegas
Vrigin Indian Lace Closure Straight Remy Hair4*4  Free Part With Baby Hair Natural BlackA.Our salon gives the identical quality if not higher than other salons in Las Vegas for a much more inexpensive value ($750-$850). Most salons supply micro bead hair extensions for $1400 as much as $2500 for the exact same hair and service.

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