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Growing Black Hair To Nice Lengths: The L.O.C Technique

Your hair journey has no larger enemy than dryness (Ok, there are scissor blissful stylists, chemical over processing, poor hair handling etc however dryness is unquestionably up there with them). Dryness is an absence of moisture (i.e. water) not oil. I stress this due to the quite a few occasions I have heard people say “my hair is so dry” and then reach for the jar of grease or bottle of oil to ‘moisturize’. You really must be reaching for the spray bottle of water as an alternative because water is the true moisturizer. This begs the query: Are these of us who want daily moisturizing required to wet our hair day by day While this may work for some people (natural heads sporting wash and go styles, braids, cornrows and so on), daily wetting will not work for various us. Enter the L.O.C technique for retaining moisture. This method spares you the problem of day by day moisturizing by serving to retain water throughout the shaft of your hair for days. So here is how is works:

The acronym L.O.C stands for:
L – Liquid
O – Oil
C- Cream
Ombre Silver Grey Brazilian Remy Straight 4x4 Free Part Lace Top ClosureIt basically means applying products to your hair in layers. Each layer seals in the earlier one. So the first product you would apply is the liquid which could be water or a water primarily based product. The second product could be an oil. Oil acts as a barrier, it traps the water within the hair’s shaft and seals it in. The third layer is the cream which seals in both the oil and water making it even more difficult for the water to flee.

I suppose you possibly can say in attempting to fight the dryness from harmattan and winter by co washing and oiling every other day, I have been making use of the first 2 layers of the LOC technique (i.e. water and oil). I recently tried the LOC technique by including elasta qp mango butter because the final layer (cream) and that i liked it. My hair stayed moisturized till my subsequent co wash which was not the case prior to using this method.

For L.O.C, you should utilize no matter products blonde hair with curls give you the results you want. Listed here are the merchandise I’m utilizing:
Liquid – Water

Oil – Olive oil
Cream – Elasta QP mango butter

I really feel that the cream was quite heavy and weighed my hair down, so I plan to either swap to a lighter cream or practice the LOC technique solely when I’m protecting styling.

In case you are combating dryness, you must undoubtedly do that technique. I’ve heard rave opinions from relaxed and naturals alike. Let me know how it works for you if you do get around to making an attempt it.

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