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Totally different Hair Extension Methods!

Completely different Hair Extension Strategies!
Need Lengthy Beautiful HAIR
Here is the place to start.

There are many different choices in relation to Hair Extension Methods.
Right here is a quick run down of what to count on.

First things to consider.
When choosing your extensions, its very important to grasp your hair.

1. Your hair – Length, Texture, Power, Condition
2. Weight you require
3. Length you require
Making the precise choice to your hair is your major priority, to make sure you do not lose the integrity of your hair which will lead to damage.
Obviously that is reference for the DIY Person. I at all times counsel to seek the advice of an expert if you are uncertain or is your first time utilizing extensions.

Doing Extensions yourself can be completed but does come susceptible to incorrect set up which may cause damage or discomfort when incorrectly applied.
Selecting your Methodology.

A weave is a machine made extension weft used for both a partial or full weave application.
Generally this weft is the base for different methods. Example, Clipin or Beaded weft.

There are just a few options for a way weaves from installed.
1. Sew in using cornrow:
Pure hair is braided into a cornrow. A weft (weave) of hair is then sewn onto that corn row with a needle and thread. This thread is usually an Extension Cotton or a artificial fiber.

Pros – Good for medium to thick hair.
– Weaves volume and size.
Cons – Braid/Cornrow – If made too tightly they can cause discomfort to scalp
– Nice or Skinny hair may not be able to conceal the weave track
– If the weft weight is too heavy, it may cause hair to fall out.

2. Braidless Sew in using Linkies:
That is a comparatively new approach, where the Extenionist creates a monitor of Micro Bead Linkies.
Utilizing this monitor as a substitute to the cornrow, whereas still sewing the weft to the hair utilizing needle & tread.

3. Non Sew using linkies:
This system is using the clients hair & linkies to carry the weft in place.
Leaving the micro bead to attach the weft fairly than thread.

There are a number of different approach to do this utility also.
Right here is a method.

    The clients hair part is divided into three strands
    Middle Strand goes beneath weft
    All three strands are joined and pulled although a Micro bead hyperlink
    Attached to scalp & clamped.
    Repeat to create weave observe

Professional & CON FOR Both — Braidless & No Sew
Pros – No Corn row resulting in much less stress to scalp
– Hyperlink Observe is flatter to the top
– Durable & Quick software technique
– No glue required

Cons – Will required skilled arms
– Weaves have more weight being targeted to that monitor of hair quite than distributed over varied strands over the pinnacle
– Can slip however easy to re apply


A beaded weft uses pre-bonded micro bead linkies which are hooked up on to the weft, making it easy to use and take away.
The base product of a Beaded Weft is created using the machine made Weave above.

Pros New, Fast, Reasonably priced, Secure, Comfy
No heat, No glue, No sewing or braiding
Cons – Will be heavy
– Not beneficial for very nice hair – More durable to conceal

– Please word. Your micro bead linkies Should have a silicone liner to forestall harm.
Please word the google picture beneath which seems to have both a really wonderful liner or no liner at all. Ultimately leaving steel to hair which will cause breakage from slicing into the hair.


10 pcs Clipin Extension set
The bottom product of a Clip In Extension again is created utilizing the machine made Weave above.
The Clipin Extension is the one momentary technique.
Using Clipins thats are sewed to the weft.

Execs – No harm
– No price to install your self simply
– Instant change from each day
Cons – Harder to style hair
– Danger of falling out in the course of the day or need adjusting

Tape has taken the world by storm!
Not to say that Tape Extensions is correct for everybody

Once more there are sooo many choices for Tape alone.
With Tape Extensions they normally fall out over time, so often one can find that the extension starts to peel from about 1 week forward.
Because this method is a large extension method it’ll change into extra noticeable as soon as the extensions start to peel.
All the time have a spare utility of Tape on hand to reapply these bonds.

Please note – Using a liquid gold bonding adhesive will give the Tape longevity.
Right here is my prior blog put up regarding Tape Options which is able to assist with all Tape associated info.
Skin Weft vs PU Tape Blog Submit

Google Image
A PU Tape method adhesive is extraordinarily durable. Pu Tape makes use of a glue bonding agent for robust hold.
Being 100% waterproof it is rather strong so cautious installation will likely be required as it’s going to cause injury if performed incorrectly.
Pros Tape is lengthy lasting
Straightforward to make use of technique
Possibility for DIY Tape users
Easy software method
Great for fantastic haired folks

Cons Lasts 3 months earlier than needing to top up hair volume
Laborious to be created appropriately
Extra vulnerable to shedding in later months
Can injury hair
Bonds are extremely sticky

A machine creates the mesh bond by sewing the hair to the mesh bond then tape adhesive is placed over the mesh to create the ultimate consequence.
This method of Tape is unquestionably the option to decide on if you happen to wish to reuse your extensions for many months after.
Execs No shedding
Nicely made
Holds thick haired units wonderful
Durable – longevity
Nice for thick haired individuals

Cons Bulky
Tougher to blend, much less flexibility
Can easily lose the integrity of the glue/tape. (A number of the explanation why this may very well be, shampoo, toners, conditioners, oil based merchandise etc)


This Tape Technique goes to take the Extension world to an entire new degree!
I’m so excited about this mannequin of Tape.
It is a Rogue Hair Extension Micro nano Tape.

Folding the 2cm x 0.8cm in half to use creates a seamless finish.
Used with a liquid gold bonding agent for max hold.
Execs – Motion. This small Tape creates movement that commonplace Tape doesnt permit
– Good for high quality hair
– Simple concealable

Cons – May cause injury with glue adhesive
TAPE Variations:

Nano Tape vs Commonplace Tape Length
Pu Tape Vs Skin Weft tape


This method of Semi Everlasting Hair Extensions technique that may be a preferred method for many users.
An amazing choice for many who wish to strive a semi-everlasting methodology without the doable damage that Tape or glue based fusion methods can have on the inexperienced.

Right here is my prior weblog publish regarding Beads which is able to assist with all Bead associated info.
MICRO BEAD Weblog Submit

These specific extension go by many different names.
Commonly Micro Loop, Micro Bead or Bead Extensions are to call a couple of.

Finally they are a non-adhesive approach where a technician making use of the bead bonds near the scalp with a clamped bead bond.

They are approx 0.5 -1 gram per stand.
Half Head = 50 – 75 Strands
A full head = 100 -one hundred fifty Strands
Full Head & Half = one hundred fifty -200 Strands

A Micro Loop is the best to put in as they do come with a treading attachment included to every individual strand.
This treading attachment provides straightforward utility.
Requiring only a pair of Pliers to finish set up!


Google picture

Google Picture

I-Tipped hair Extensions are also referred to as Shoelace Ideas or Chilly Fusion.
Utility with Micro Bead Rings:

I-Tip Extensions are utilized using a pulling threader software, which pulls hair by means of a small micro bead ring.
The I-Tip is the inserted behind the bead then compressed with the extension pliers.

Really helpful & well-liked for individuals who don’t want heat applied to their hair.
Shoppers with average to thick hair texture will benefit from this methodology.

Application with Keratin glue:
I-Tip extensions may been used with Keratin Glue to create a sizzling fusion.
This technique is often very sturdy hold.

Used with a bead of glue black hair extension which is then heated with an extension instrument to melt & bond the bead of glue to the hair & I-Tip Extension.

Google Image
U-Tip Hair Extensions
U-tip hair extensions are hair extensions which can be pre-tipped with keratin and are utilized to the client by use of a hot hair extension iron. One of these hair extension can also be called “Fusion.” The shape of the tip can fluctuate from u-tip to flat tip, relying on the brand. The keratin tip could have to be trimmed to remove the excess keratin.
The heat from a hair extension iron won’t harm the hair, it’s less hot than a standard curling or flat iron and the hair extension iron solely touches the hair for a couple of seconds.

909 and 808 hair extensions are available in both U-tip and that i-Tip. The U-suggestions are made from Tremendous Keratip; Tremendous Keratip is the strongest keratin available at this time. It is a professional product and because of the hardness if the keratin, application ought to only be performed by professionals.

To apply U-tipped extensions the hair needs to be freshly washed with clarifying shampoo and no conditioner your fingers also must be clean. Completely melt the keratin with the hair extension iron so the keratin penetrates the client’s hair, (this a makes for a long lasting bond). Then roll with fingers-The Super Keratip won’t keep on with finger or burn your fingers like other keratin.

U-Tipped hair extensions are the most popular extensions for all hair types as a result of the attachment spot may be very small could be customized by chopping the hair extension to make 2-3 smaller, micro bonds for use with high-quality hair.
Nice Paragraph Context from Imaginative and prescient Hair Extensions
Professionals – Fusion Method – Longer lasting technique, 3-5 months between having to go back for re-installation
– Strong software
– The hair doesn’t mat, shed, or tangle.
– Good for skinny/tremendous hair
– Individual pieces create discrete motion near the hairline

Cons – Can cause damage from scorching fusion
– More durable to take away
– Might be exhausting to place hair up as this technique can get applied nearer to the scalp
– Does require extra weight to create quantity
– Costly technique

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Thanks a lot for reading!
Let me know you probably have any questions I can assist with!

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