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Name Me Old style, However I really like Bonnet-Model Hair Dryers

Males who’ve by no means tried to sleep with rollers of their hair don’t know of the misery we ladies go through simply to look half-way presentable.

Virgin Inidan Bodywave Hair 13x2 Free Part Lace Frontal Closure Weave Hand Tied Natural BlackMore years ago than I care to remember, I bought a new, bonnet-model hairdryer. I taught faculty on the time and had been placing my hair up in enormous rollers each evening. Some nights it appeared as if I hardly slept in any respect.

Anyway, I loved my new bonnet hair dryer. I might roll my hair damp, and a half hour later, I seemed like I had simply visited a beauty parlor, all by 7:30 within the morning.

Sadly, as all good issues appear to do, the manufacture of this kind of hair dryer came to an finish. New, hand held dryers changed them and the public adored them.

I by no means might get the hang of utilizing a hand held dryer. It did not make a lot sense to put on your arm out holding a heavy drying within the air, transferring it throughout your head to verify your hair dried evenly, and eventually finishing the job solely to find you had missed a spot on the again of your head.

Of course I realized that the brand new dryers have been designed to accommodate new hair types that did not often embrace lengthy thick hair wrapped round rollers like mine, and, being a creature of behavior, I had no intention of fixing my hairstyle to accommodate a hair dryer.

So, yr after year, I continued to use my previous dryer. The plastic within the bonnet dried and cracked however I patched it with plastic tape and continued to make use of it. The motor started to sound like a motorbike and no quantity of oiling quieted it down. Nonetheless I used the dryer, placing cotton in my ears to dull the racket.

Lastly, my beloved dryer started to overheat and my husband got here working upstairs to search out out what the awful odor was. Luckily, it wasn’t my hair-simply the dryer, however I felt like I had misplaced a very good pal.

For various years since then, I have searched out native Goodwill, St. Vincent DePaul’s, and neighborhood storage gross sales for bonnet-model hairdryers. The few I got here throughout often labored for some time earlier than giving up the Ghost, however one factor most of them had in common was that the bonnet was stiff and cracked. I purchased one or two on eBay, but they too had bonnets that have been ready for the rubbish bin.

I posted a tongue-in-cheek article on-line that fetched loads of feedback, however no actual assist in securing a brand new bonnet hair-dryer that basically labored.

One-by-one, I accumulated a collection of dryers that did work, however that now not had usable bonnets. I scoured the internet for manufacturers of bonnets and tried a few, but none were satisfactory for my thick hair.

A couple of months ago, I stumbled throughout a dryer WITH a delicate pliable bonnet. The unit regarded as if it had by no means been used.

Last week, I got a long distance call from a man who lived several states away. He had read the tongue-in-cheek article I had mentioned earlier, despite the fact that it was a number of years outdated by now, and needed to speak to me about it. I assumed, that can be great. Maybe, if he had a bonnet that would fit considered one of my dryers, I may buy it to retailer for future use.

As it turned out, it wasn’t a bonnet or even a hairdryer that he needed to dispose of. As a substitute, he needed to purchase one of my surplus dryers, minus the bonnet, for his grandmother who apparently had a bonnet, however her hairdryer had failed. She was in her 90s.

We rapidly worked out a deal. Really, I could not charge him for a dryer that didn’t also have a bonnet on it, however I did ask him to pay the transport costs. As far as I am concerned, it was a win-win scenario. I acquired rid of one of the dryers cluttering up my spare bedroom, and he solved a problem for his grandmother.

I did not clear up my hairdryer bonnet downside, however I’ve one that’s working for the time being, and i acquired to feel good about helping someone else. Who could ask for anything more

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