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KING OF THE CONGO (15 bellami ombre extensions chapter Columbia serial/1952). Directors: Spencer Gordon Bennet and Wallace Grissell.

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Air Drive captain Roger Drum (Buster Crabbe) is to finish a flight to South Africa beneath the id of a spy who’s to make contact with a subversive “mystery group.” Drum crashes, and for a while has no thought who he is, but at first the “reds” see him as their comrade. Since Drum is able to peal a sacred gong he is heralded by the primitive, all-white “rock individuals” because the heroic “Thun’da,” and runs around in a loincloth. Drum/Thun’da first appeared in a quick comic book collection — sub-titled “King of the Congo” — before Columbia turned it right into a minor serial with highly familiar components. Along with these nasty reds, who are after a radioactive mineral, there’s a gaggle of Cavemen dominated by the corpulent if highly effective Kor (Rusty Wescoatt). There is a native princess named Pha (Gloria Dea) and a Excessive Priest (William Fawcett) who wears a long, foolish wig and can witness future events in his crystal ball! There’s also a cute chimp who acts like Cheetah at times however is rarely given a reputation. There’s a comical scene when henchman Andreov (Rick Vallin) is “tortured” by a lamp and headphones playing jazz! One of the best cliffhanger has Thun’da trapped in quicksand whereas nasty natives keep chucking spears at him and try to push a log away before he can seize hold of it and save himself. Crabbe has darkish hair for this picture.

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