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Natural Remedies To Grow Long Hair

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sendingR Talwar 23 months in the past
My salon lady recommended me to use Dr Kohli’s Herbal oil. I use this oil atleast twice a week and surprisingly I’m not loosing my hair anymore. This oil smells nice and even though it is a oil however it appears to get absorbed very quick and it does not go away too much oil on my hair. I recommend this oil to any lady who might loosing hair to do this oil.

Paul 3 years in the past
I found Dr Kohli’s Herbal Hair oil effective in preventing fall of hair

Mani four years in the past
I’ve been utilizing Dr Kohli’s Natural Hair oil and seems like it’s working and I am not shedding my hair anymore.

yajna 6 years in the past
can i please have simple residence treatments that make your hair grow 50cm in 2 weeks using lemons and customary issues exluding oils

Jason-Stacey 6 years in the past from London
Love the assorted tips on hair care that I realized from this glorious article. This is de facto unique and fascinating for taking good care of hair which is a reward of God.

Karen N 6 years in the past from United States
Good ideas, a wholesome diet can definitely assist out with hair growth.

unknow 6 years ago
it really works a lot.Thaks for the product

womble.0115 7 years in the past from united kingdom
i agree i believe your weight loss plan and drinking lots of water helps,and as long as you wash your hair and add a lot of moisture to it then its obviously going to grow more,i endure from break up ends due to hot straitners, dying my hair so now i going back to my unique color to let it grow again healthier,as you can use the wash in wash out colours,my hair is getting thinner abit now at the entrance i have tried plenty of things but they dont work, so i might be giving the tea tree ago

good article lol
Samantha 7 years ago

anyone has the potential to have lengthy hair.wether its henna,essential oils,and so on there is a plethora of things that stimulate growth and with good care your hair can and will grow.

Research Analyst 7 years ago
These are some great natural remedies, I personally like to make use of coconut oil it really works so well and I’ve noticed hair progress, I’ve heard so many good issues about tea tree oil too. Plus drinking loads of water is sweet for the hair.

I agree, as I mentioned at first that one cannot power hair to grow any quicker than it should, which for the most half is why I’ve given herbs and ideas to promote wholesome hair progress. I do know ladies who of a certain religion that never cut their hair. Their hair stopped growing at proper below the shoulders and hasn’t grown sense.

hospitalera 8 years in the past
Every particular person has a genetic “maximum hair length” No remedy, herbal or not, can change that! SY

AuthorWhitney 8 years ago from Georgia
Tea tree oil is a fantastic natural remedy for many issues, that’s for certain. Break up ends can definitely prevent you from being ready to grow long hair, you may want to figure out why your hair is splitting so quickly and easily. It is not normally an indication of healthy hair, which is where oiling your scalp could help.

girly_girl09 8 years in the past from United States
Grade 10A Brazilian Virgin Hair Loosewave Wave 4 Bundles With 1pcs 4x4 Middle Part Lace Closure Natural BlackScalp oil treatments are Incredible. I have been making an attempt to grow my hair out for quite sometime, but all the time must trim the ends a lot because of break up ends. Clearly, this defeats the aim. My hair grows quick, but the ends break up quick. I just lately began getting scalp oil therapies which also embody an oil remedy for the ‘lifeless hair’ as effectively on the ends and I believe I’ll be able to grow my hair out and actually have it look healthy now! I do know one of many components they use in the therapy is Tea Tree Oil, which is certainly one of the good elements you mentioned in your article – I am a huge fan of the stuff!

Great hub!

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